Test Playground Remake 6

About the title

You have surely already tried all possible mods in Friday Night Funkin game and have become a great rhythm expert by now. But the game is not limited to rap battles only. The developers decided to give you a chance to look at FNF with their eyes. Are you ready for such an unusual role? Then open Test Playground Remake 6, and the fun will begin. The thing is that you will not need to sign and dance now. Your task is completely different. This time, you will need your best creative skills as you will work with the characters of this popular music series. What is it all about? Everything is actually more than easy – you will become a designer and will be able to modify every participant of FNF. It is a wonderful opportunity to look at your favorite game from the inside. So let us see how it all works.
If you are a true fan of FNF, there is no need to explain to you the essence of the game. You know that the main character, Boyfriend, is coming though endless hardships trying to win the heart of his beloved Girlfriend. For this, he needs to continuously participate in rap battles with all possible opponents. The idea is to repeat the rhythm of the music and outperform everyone to save the relationship. But in this mod, the musical duels will stop for a moment. Now, you will be doing something different – work on the character designs. First of all, check what characters are represented in the menu – you can choose the main heroes – Boyfriend, Girlfriend or her parents. Alternatively, you may experiment with all the opponents you meet in different mods. Possibly, you struggled to defeat some of them in earlier battles – now it is a great moment to take revenge and make this participant look silly. Do whatever you like – even the voice pitch can be changed and the usual song will sound in a really queer way. Complete your work by setting a new background. Now, start the same transformation with a new character. This process will make you busy for hours and will bring a lot of fun and joy. Do not keep waiting – let the fun begin now!

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