Test Playground Remake 5

About the title

Every fan of this music series is immediately ready to sing and dance. But it is not the only task in Friday Night Funkin game. Are you surprised? The thing is, there is also enough space for your creativity here. Have you ever imagined yourself being an author of all these funny characters you meet in rap battles? Now you have a perfect opportunity to realize your dream! Explore your favorite entertainment via the test playground remake. It means you will be able to experiment with all the characters you encounter during music contests and modify their appearances and vocals to your liking. There are also several different backgrounds to choose from. All you need is your creativity to add something unique to the game. It sounds amazing, but how does it all work?
This part has been released as a special editor where you can play with all the heroes – the main ones and those that you occasionally come across in different mods. Choose the one you like from the menu and check what features you can amend. You can play with all possible variants as long as you want until you reach the desired result. And what is most exciting – you can adjust the pitch of the voice now. So even the most familiar songs will sound in a completely new way after your tuning. The only downside is that there will be no music duels in this version. But you will definitely enjoy becoming a character designer even for a short period of time. Open the application, go straight to the menu tab to see which hero you would like to remake and start amazing transformations. Once you are done with one character, do not stop – other heroes are also waiting for a fantastic makeover. So lots of work is waiting for you in this test playground. Do not waste your time – start this fun activity right now!

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