Friday Night Funkin vs Full Week

About the title

Do you love music and would not mind turning into a cool musician for a while? Then try the FNF music series. This breathtaking rhythm game has hundreds of thousands fans around the planet. So let us find out what captivated all these players. The plot is built around Girlfriend girl and Boyfriend, who are deeply in love with each other. But a strict father of the girl becomes a real pain for Boyfriend. He does not like the guy and sends many characters to compromise and defeat the hero. Players will have to help Boyfriend fight in a musical duel with each of these opponents and get the favor of his beloved. Note that the task is not so easy to complete. Some of them are real monsters and are really dangerous. You need to have excellent musical skills to cope with them all.

Where to start?

If you have never participated in this music entertainment before, the best approach is to start with the very first release. It consists of 7 weeks. Every week, Boyfriend will meet someone new to confront. Each part of the game offers you three unique soundtracks. And your task is to strictly follow the rhythm of them all with as few mistakes as you can. You can access FNF on computer or even Android device. The main thing is to to smart enough to immediately react to the fastly changing music beats. To become a winner, you need to come up with the correct combination of arrows on the screen. With each new rival, the notes will fly faster and faster, and it will be a real challenge to repeat them. But it is going to be real fun. After you successfully pass the original release, you can enjoy countless mods. All these add-on bring new stories and new participants, so there will be no time to be bored. Cool remixes of songs from the main game version, new fan songs and super thrilling heroes await you on the stage!

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