Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Phase 4

About the title

Everyone loves the Friday Night Funkin series with its exciting rap fights. The plot of the game is really heartbreaking. The main hero, Boyfriend, falls in love with a beautiful girl who also likes him. And everything in this romantic story would be good if it were not for the girl’s father, who is categorically against this romance. Moreover, he comes up with a terrible plan, forcing the main character to go through many tests. Namely, he makes Boyfriend take part in continuous rap battles. At first glance, the rules are very easy as the contest participants just have to sing and dance to a new song. But it cannot be just random movements – they need to sync in with the music rhythm without mistakes. Moreover, some opponents are really dangerous, making the whole confrontation even more intense. For example, Tricky the Clown. You may remember this character from Madness Combat. If so, you are well aware of his treacherous nature and the murders he already committed. He will not stop now either, and Boyfriend is in lethal danger if you do not urgently intervene and help him correctly guess the rhythm of the music.
You may have already encountered Tricky in previous mods. In this case, you know that jokes with him are really not advisable. And Phase 4 is extremely hard. Tricky only starts looking friendly, but very soon, his mood starts to change. You will immediately notice it in his appearance as he gradually becomes the angriest clown ever. The mod offers you to go through three songs. As you take advantage of the enemy, his fury is enormous. His body starts to burn and turns into fire, his flesh completely disappears, and only a skeleton remains visible. Instead of eyes, you see only two angrily glowing holes, and the jaw is missing. This time, Boyfriend will not succeed without your help. So get concentrated and support the guy through all the soundtracks. Try to catch the rhythm without mistakes. Do not be scared of the angry opponent, continue to follow the beats of the songs without hesitation. And if you manage to keep your progress bar green till the very end – you are a winner! Start this amazing adventure right away!

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