Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Phase 3

About the title

If your life is accompanied by music, you must try Friday Night Funkin. This is an incredible musical series that introduces a touching love story to you. The main characters are Boyfriend and Girlfriend. These two are in love, but Daddy Dearest, the father of the girl, is against this romance. And he arranges all sorts of dirty tricks to interfere with this relationship. Every time, poor Boyfriend has to risk everything and confront a new opponent. And the fights are very unusual – these are rap battles. And the winner is the participant who managed to catch the rhythm more precisely. But everything is not so easy as it seems. Our hero will meet all sorts of antagonists, some of them are really dangerous, while others only look friendly and are treacherous inside. One of the mods brings such a character to the game. It is a creepy clown from the game Madness Combat. He is considered to be a real madman and ruthless bloodthirsty killer. Moreover, Tricky has the mysterious power of returning to life after being killed. Having committed a number of murders, he is now ready to destroy the protagonist with no effort. But Boyfriend is ready to risk for the sake of his beloved, and decides to fight the monster! Tricky starts singing wearing a mask, but already during the second song, it is being blown away, and his body turns into a burning fire until he transforms into just a skeleton with glowing angry eyes.
You can play this release in a story mode and free play. In the first case, you will fight with the enemy for all three rounds in turn. But in the free play mode, it is entirely up to you what song will sound during the music duel. The first two songs are not so easy, but the third track is real hardcore. During it, Tricky will transform into his demonic version, and it will be a true death battle! Pull yourself together, sharpen your musical year, and once again prove you really deserve to be called a rhythm star. Lots of thrill awaits you in this mod! Only a true expert of the FNF game can defeat the scary opponent and save Boyfriend’s love. Enjoy your game, and good luck!

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