Friday Night Funkin Sonic.Exe

About the title

The authors of your favorite musical series do not stop their work on the game. Every time you are ready to have some fun and return to the music confrontation, a new mod is waiting for you. This time, you are welcome on a duel with a famous hedgehog Sonic. If you are a fan of Friday Night Funkin, you must have met this smart little guy. Then, you know the extraordinary capabilities of this cute character. He is exceptionally skillful at rhythm. But forget about his friendly and peaceful nature. Now, this opponent is very far from being an attractive hedgehog with blue needles. It will now appear with a bit different appearance as the mod is created in .exe style, and Sonic.exe has a really creepy look. And his way of performance is also quite scary. But with your help, the Boyfriend’s powers are multiplied. Moreover, if you have already won other mods in this series, then you definitely met even more sinister opponents.

How to outperform Sonic.exe?

Experienced players know the rules and can go straight to the stage without preparation. But beginners should not rush. They need to learn how to properly play this music simulator to increase their chances of success. It only seems difficult. But once you are concentrated and determined to win, all will work in your favor. What do you need to do? All participants will listen to a new song that they may have never heard before. And you need to help Boyfriend move according to the rhythm. For this, press the arrows on the screen, syncing with the music beats. To become the winner, you need to perform much better than the other party. Do not forget that Sonix.exe is not new in this competition and he is seriously intended to defeat you. So everything will now depend on your ability to react fast and timely. Anyway, do not get upset if not everything goes well at the beginning. You just need to go through some training to enhance your dancing skills. Your patience and hard work will be paid off very soon, and you will help Boyfriend to happily continue dating his beloved Girlfriend. So start the game immediately to return Sonic.exe to his usual amiable state. Do not waste time – lots of fun awaits you!

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