Friday Night Funkin Sky Mod

About the title

Are you ready for a new music fight in FNF game? A fresh mod already awaits you. Now your main opponent is a charming girl. It is Sky, and she is fond of Boyfriend. At first, you meet an attractive girl wearing a t-shirt, a skirt and black shoes. She has an unusual appearance – her hair is bright blue, and her eyes are pink. Sky does everything possible to attract Boyfriend’s attention and make him forget his lovely Girlfriend. But she can hardly succeed, and during the second song, her friendly mood is gone forever. Her kindness changes into a rage, and her eyes turn white as the anger grows. The whole story is not over yet. During the third song, she transforms into a demon with grey skin and black hands. Now her eyes are bloody color. The quality and speed of the music played will change Sky’s expression. This will tell you if you are on the right track. It sounds creepy, right? But you can stop it all by outperforming Sky in rap fights.

Play and win

To solve the conflict, boyfriend has no other choice but to step in the music arena, grab the mic and show his talent. It is the only way to get rid of this annoying and dangerous fan. And your role is to support the main hero throughout all the songs that will sound in this mod. You will see several arrows on the screen that you must press respectively to the music beats. The progress bar will immediately show you whether you did everything correctly. Avoid many mistakes as it will turn red and you will lose. At first, everything may seem really confusing, but do not give up so quickly. Do not hesitate to go through some training and improve your dancing skills if you feel your powers are not equal. Sky is a dangerous character, and you should be really well-versed in rhythm before you confront her for real. Otherwise, you risk not seeing your Girlfriend ever again. Do not let it happen. Show once again you are the only star on this stage. Anyway, you have done it many times before!

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