Friday Night Funkin Playground Test Remake 3

About the title

Do you love the FNF music game? Then you must have already tried all its parts and even not once. But if you think there is nothing else left to be done here and it is boring, then you are wrong. Actually, the fun only starts with Friday Night Funkin testing regime. It is a third improved version that will enable you to test the voices and animations of different series heroes. Here you can select from both the official and fan-made characters that you met in the most popular mods. Now you do not need to participate in rap battles and dance until you drop. It is a different kind of entertainment, so there is no tension anymore. Instead, you can create your own music with varying vocals of characters.

What’s new in this mod?

You will have a chance to interact with sixteen participants from different mods that were produced earlier. This time, you will not meet Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Daddy Dearest as they all were available in other similar mod versions. But you will see other familiar faces – AGOTI, Monica, Shaggy and many more. The developers try to make all FNF playgrounds unique, without overlapping features. They aim to create every mod with exclusive content and allow them all to complement each other. Alongside new heroes, you will have a perfect chance to use some tools to modify the game. Players can choose from eight different backgrounds, customize details, experiment with the voice pitch. You can also adjust the environment, poses of the heroes by flipping them to their mirror reflection and some other parameters. All you need is your desire to create something new and creative ideas. The developers allow you to come up with entirely new character interpretations. You cannot lose or win in this mod, but it will surely bring you lots of fun. Choose a hero you like best and show to everyone how he would look like if you were the designer. Start playing right now!

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