Friday Night Funkin Download

About the title

FNF or Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm-based game created more than a year ago. But the popularity of this open-source entertainment does not seem to fade out over time. On the contrary, FNF mods created by fans keep it alive and even more engaging with every new add-on. The plot is quite interesting. The main hero or Boyfriend is in love with Girlfriend. But the sky is not cloudless – the father of the girl is not happy with her choice and does all in his power for the couple to quarrel and break up. But the guy is not going to give up and refuse from his love. As Daddy Dearest used to be a rock star, the way to his approval lies through music. For this, poor Boyfriend will have to participate in many rap battles against countless opponents, often risking his life. There are all sorts of antagonists you will face – from innocent animated personages to really dangerous monsters. You will continuously meet new participants that often come to FNF from other famous series. Thus, you will have a chance to meet the following faces on the dancing arena – Pico, Impostor, Tricky, Garcello, Tankman and many more.

How to play FNF?

Do not expect anything difficult here. Every time Boyfriend starts a new battle, and you must be ready to support him. The idea of the music fight is as follows – you need to listen to the song and try to catch its beats. How to do it? Everything is more than simple – you will see arrow symbols above the main character image. The task is to press them in order to make the hero move according to music. It is not a joke, and you should treat the rules seriously. Missed or incorrect steps will immediately affect your progress bar – improper performance will turn it red, and you will lose. So stay concentrated to increase your chances to win. Previously, this game was popular on the PC, but later, its adaptation for the Android operating system was released. If you have not played the PC version, you can access this game from your mobile today. Visit our site for an absolutely free download. Open an exciting world of music rhythm and do all in your power to help Boyfriend conquer the heart of his beloved!

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