Friday Night Funkin Characters

About the title

Friday Night Funkin series was released back in 2020. The author created it in the style of flash games that were very widespread at that time. Nobody expected the popularity it is going to gain very soon. But today, a year later, it is still in great demand. The plot is very simple – Boyfriend falls in love with a Girlfriend, but her father is against their relationship. And the boy needs to prove he deserves the hand and heart of his beloved girl. The rules are very simple – you will play for the guy and need to participate in exciting rap battles against numerous opponents. The task is to outperform your enemy by ideal syncing with the music rhythm of a particular song. FNF has millions of fans today and the audience is continuously growing. Besides, players regularly come out with fan-made mods, introducing new participants. Let us have a closer look at whom we can meet in the music arena.

Main characters of the musical series

Some participants will appear in every episode. And there are only a few of them. The main one is Boyfriend. He is a blue-haired animated guy that turns out to have a knack for music. He does not talk but sings as everyone else in the game. And in the majority of music fights, you will be helping him win. The main hero is always accompanied by his Girlfriend. She likes the guy and always accompanies him on his music duels, sitting on the speaker. But her father is not so enthusiastic about their romance. Daddy Dearest is another character that often appears on the stage. He is an ex-rock star. And the only way to gain his trust is to demonstrate extraordinary musical talents. During the first seven weeks, you will also meet Skid and Pump- these are Halloween guests from Spooky Month. Boyfriend will also meet well-known Pico from Pico’s school. He will have to dance against Mommy Mearest, Senpai, Tankman, Spirit and even Monster. All of them will be fighting against the main hero. And the task of the player is not to let him fail.

Secondary characters

Players loved the idea to sing and dance with Boyfriend. And to make the game even more engaging, developers created a lot of FNF mods. Every time you use an add-on, you will get a chance to play against a new character. The modding community of FNF is really huge, and for today, over 2000 different mods were created for this musical game. The main feature of all these add-ons is the introduction of a new character to the gameplay. To make the story of Boyfriend more interesting to players of all ages, the developers add famous characters from other popular online entertainments. You will meet an angry Impostor, a treacherous clown Tricky, ex-rock star Whitty, a modest nun Sarvente, screen demon AGOTI and many others. The main hero will have to meet a lot of charismatic personalities for a rap battle in the music arena and listen to tons of new and remixed songs. Your main task is to lend him a hand and help win the duel. Start playing now and do not miss new mods that are regularly released.

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