Friday Night Funkin Among Us

About the title

Are you an active player of FNF game? Then you know pretty well that according to the plot, the main character has to go through numerous obstacles to win the heart of his beloved girl. The thing is that the father of Girlfriend is not happy about their dating and forces Boyfriend to continuously prove he is a decent candidate for his daughter. Daddy Dearest is well-versed in music, and he is sure Boyfriend will fail sooner or later in music-related tasks. So he does all in his power to send the most treacherous opponents to fight against the poor guy. You are well aware that the poor guy has to participate in endless rap battles against various opponents, and he has no other alternative but to win. Your task is to help him succeed, especially when his enemies are really tricky and dangerous. This new mod makes the guy confront a really unpredictable personage. It is Impostor from Among Us. Actually, it is one of the most popular mods in the series as developers skillfully combined interesting features of both games.

About Impostor from Among Us

This character is designed as a bean-shaped astronaut. He wears a red overall. And his hands seem to act separately from his body. It is not a peaceful guy at all, as he always holds a gun in his hand. Once he appears in Friday Night Funkin, he also has a microphone in the other. This blood-thirsting creature is ready for everything to defeat the hero. But at the same time, you will enjoy funny dialogues between the participants and their jokes. But do not get relaxed, the monster will not stop when it comes to a duel. As always, Boyfriend will not be safe without your support. You have already gone through many trials with him and know what you are supposed to do. Be very attentive when both heroes appear in the music arena. As soon as you hear the first notes, be ready to start dancing by pressing the right keys. You must match the rhythm much faster than your opponent if you want to win. Otherwise, Impostor will use his chance to kick you out from the game. Do not allow it to happen!

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