Friday Night Funkin All Songs

About the title

Friday Night Funkin is a favorite musical entertainment of thousands of players around the work. And despite this simple game is more than one year old, it becomes even more popular every day as fans keep creating new mods and bring new characters and plot developments. If still you happen not to know anything about this music series, here is a short plot description. The main heroes are Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The young people are in love with each other, but the girl’s father does not like the guy. So to prove his serious intentions, the poor guy will need to defeat a lot of treacherous enemies. They all come to participate in a rap battle against Boyfriend. So the gameplay is full of music. These are usually active soundtracks, and some of them are popular songs but skillfully remixed.

Who writes music for FNF?

You should know that Friday Night Funkin consists of seven official weeks. All the songs used for these official releases are protected by copyright and trademark according to the legislation. As a rule, every week comes with three new songs that you need to dance through with different opponents. All the music for official weeks was created by the game’s composer Kawai Sprite. There are also songs written by Bassetfilms. But the story does not end here. FNF was launched as an open-source project. And many fans got the possibility to come up with different mods that complemented the game and made it so popular for such a long time. Modders have actually done a big job for this entertaining series and added dozens of new tracks. You may even experiment with the songs yourself in some mods as settings allow and encourage you for creativity. Another peculiarity of FNF music is that it can be played differently. What does it mean? It enables the player to adjust the difficulty of the rhythm, from usual to hard, and even extreme. Everything depends on how risky you are. In the cases, you see a familiar soundtrack, do not think it is going to be easy. Such songs are fully remixed, so it will be a struggle to catch the rhythm without proper training. No matter what mod you choose, an official or fam-made, you will definitely enjoy the time spend with Boyfriend in music duels. Do not put off this fun, start playing today!

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