FNF VS Whitty Mod

About the title

This mod is actually not a standalone game, but only an addition to the existing gameplay. It introduces a new character – Whitty. The mod is an excellent solution to those who are tired of one and the same songs from the first part. Here, you will have several new musical compositions. Whitty is a hot-tempered guy. But you will meet him calm and depressed. He is not in the mood for battle and he clearly warns about it, but Boyfriend does not calm down and gets his way. A musical confrontation begins, and it is going to be really complicated to pass it. If you don’t want to take part in competitions, you can switch to free play mode. If necessary, you can change the difficulty of the level from easy to medium or hard.

How to outperform Whitty?

All the rules of the game remain the same. The user must press the arrow buttons in time, matching the rhythm of a particular song. The more accurate you are, the more points you will earn. The process is built in the form of a competition, where each level is accompanied by a fight with your enemy. In this mod you will confront Whitty. His anger directly affects the difficulty of the soundtrack played – the angrier Whitty is, the harder it is to complete the level. There are also cut-scenes showing the various interactions of the heroes. You will also see a progress bar on the screen. Its color changes depending on who wins the competition. So you must be extremely attentive not to make mistakes while playing.

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