FNF VS Nonsense Full Week

About the title

Thousands of FNF fans are impatiently waiting for the new Boyfriend’s adventures. And here is a new thrilling mod to test. You will meet a new antagonist – Nonsense. He is an ordinary guy with a somewhat gloomy look who is peacefully hanging around in his house when its wall is brutally broken. And who do you think did it? Surprisingly, it is Boyfriend and Girlfriend broke in with the purpose to force this new character to participate in a music competition for no reason. Absolute nonsense! A new opponent comes from NonsenseHumor and looks like a usual guy. But as the mod title suggests, all events will have no sense here, and you will just have to proceed to a rap battle and dance through four new songs against a new enemy.

How to win in Friday Night Funkin game?

Nothing has changed in this music universe – you need to follow the rhythm. If you do not remember what exactly you need to do – it is not so difficult. You listen to the music, trying to catch its key beats and dance, fully syncing with them. To make the character on the screen move, you have to press the arrows you see above his head. Just avoid doing it chaotically – your every click should flawlessly match the song notes. If you make too many mistakes, you will not have a chance to win. So take Nonsense to the duel and go through four different tracks to find out who is a better performer. This mod comes with alternate cut scenes. And they depend on your progress. For the 75% success, you see a good cut scene. But be ready for a bad one if you did not manage to achieve more than 74%. Hurry up as your opponent is already waiting to demonstrate his talent. Do not waste time and start this rhythmic battle, where only one will come out the winner.

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