FNF VS Impostor Mod

About the title

Another treacherous character has sneaked in Friday Night Funkin game! You surely know this red creature in a spacesuit from the famous Among Us series. And you remember that he can easily turn out to be a hidden traitor at any moment, so it is not time to relax. This mod also comes with some additional features – now, the main characters can be physically injured. Virtual music battles become even more intense, and you need to support Boyfriend in all duels throughout this week. He will be also fighting for his life now, so it will get very hot around. The battle takes place in a space station or ship. During the first track, Girlfriends appears to be cut into two parts. But it does not prevent her lower half from dancing, supporting Boyfriend. A similar story happens to the main hero during the second song – he is left without a head. But do not worry – Boyfriend continues to dance and sing as if nothing had happened.

How to play?

This add-on contains a training level and one week of several songs. Your task is to perform through all the tracks with as few mistakes as you can. Your progress is displayed on the bar on the screen. As long as it is green, you are fine, but the very same moment it turns red, you lose. So it is recommended to train well before you are ready to face your opponent in real rap battle. Do not allow wicked Impostor to take advantage over Boyfriend. Be attentive when you press the arrows to repeat the song rhythm the best you can. Surely, with so much success in all previous mods, you have all chances to become a winner again. Good luck!

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