FNF vs Impostor Among Us

About the title

Friday Night Funkin musical arcade has become very popular recently, so third-party developers often create additional modifications for the main game. One of these mods is the FNF vs Impostor Among Us, which will introduce a new character to the plot. Everyone must remember a funny creature from a mind-blowing space adventure. Impostor is an astronaut, but its shape remains more of a bean. He is wearing a red outfit. But the strange thing is that his hands are not connected to his body. This newcomer to FNF is far from being peaceful and friendly. You may remember his bad deeds from Among Us if you happened to play it earlier. And it is not difficult to guess this fact as he walks with a gun in his hand. The coming musical duel is not going to be innocent at all. Even if Impostor jokes a lot, Boyfriend should not get relaxed even for a second. All his future is at stake, and you should not leave him alone.

How to defeat Impostor?

Knowing about bad temper of this opponent, you know that a real challenge awaits you in the music arena. It is not easy to fight against the armed character, especially if he constantly threatens everyone. But with you behind his back, Boyfriend is not afraid of anybody around. And if you are not new to this entertainment you already know what to do. But it will be not difficult to sort out the rules, even for beginners. The idea is to find out who is better at dancing to the music rhythm. The intricacy is that you may have never heard this song before. So you need to be exclusively attentive not to miss a single note while performing. Your task is to press the arrows on the screen to fully match the beats. Every misstep increases the risk that your progress bar will turn red, and it will mean that you will need to start the fight anew. You have helped Boyfriend in far worse situations, so this time you will not give up either, right? Go through training mode if you need to refresh your skills, and then proceed to the music arena and defeat your creepy enemy with no regret.

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