FNF vs Bob and Bosip

About the title

FNF music game developers keep their series attractive thanks to many mods that are continuously adding new characters to the plot. This mod introduces two new heroes at once. These are Bob and Bossip – two Minecraft players who want to have some adventures together. But something goes wrong, and as soon as they start playing, they find out that they entered a new universe, entirely different from the Minecraft world. You may have already guessed that the guys are now in Friday Night Funkin game! And the only way to get out from here is to beat the guy in a rhythm battle. But you will be on the side of Boyfriend, who wants to remain the rhythm champion.

Who are Bob and Bosip?

It is interesting, but Bob and Bosip are not actual people even if they have their own personalities. These characters were created by Artificial Intelligence and shaped into a physical form. Both of them live inside the computer and can easily penetrate any application or program with the aim of exploring it. This is how they entered this music game. At first, they wanted to kill the main hero. But when they failed this plan, they had no choice but agreed to a music duel.

How do music fights look like?

Overall, a lot of fun awaits you in this mod as it offers fifteen new songs. All of them can be played at different levels of difficulty. If you want to feel some thrill, you can even switch some tracks to extreme mode. You are playing on behalf of Boyfriend – these battles are crucial for him to win. His relationship with his Girlfriend is at stake, since in the event of failure, the boyfriend may no longer see her. And he really hopes for your support. You need to be ready to help the hero move to match the rhythm. Once you are listening to a new song, try to catch its every beat and press the arrows on the screen accordingly. The more mistakes you make, the fewer chances remain for you to win. So be attentive to do everything right! Start the music adventure!

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