About the title

Are you a fan of the FNF music fun game? Then surely you will be glad to test a new mod, in which Boyfriend will meet a new opponent – AGOTI. But let’s start from the very beginning. It all started on one romantic night, when the main characters went on a stroll in the park. And unfortunately, they took a wrong path which led them to a completely new world. But then the story stops being exciting. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are lost here and are desperately looking for a way out. Unexpectedly, it turns out that this new dimension belongs to a very scary creature. And his name is AGOTI! Now, the couple needs to defeat this terrible demon that reigns in this space, and dancing confrontation is the only solution to escape.

Who is AGOTI, and how to destroy him?

This monster was once caught by Girlfriend’s parents –Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest. They were annoyed by his growing popularity in the musical environment and they decided to isolate this character forever in some closed place. So they trapped him in a so-called prison. And it was exactly the place where the main heroes mistakenly got into. Now they will not escape meeting the demon. And the only method to prevent a disaster is to defeat this enemy in a fierce rap battle. Boyfriend is not new to music fights, but he has never played against such a frightening creature. And your help is badly needed. Do you think you can defeat this opponent with your smart performance? Let’s find out!

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