FNF Tricky Mod

About the title

The Tricky Mod is one of the most popular episodes in Friday Night Funkin game. Do you remember a secondary antagonist of the Madness Combat series? Yes, it is Tricky the clown. And he will become your new opponent in this game modification. This character is strong and extremely good at musical battles, so it is going to be a real struggle if you want to defeat Tricky. The extended mod version includes a new song and three cut scenes. Together with the heroes of FNF, you will find yourself in Nevada and fight against this wicked clown. Do not be fooled by his treacherous mask, actually, he wants everyone around him to die. The new Expurgation song is unlocked by default and can be played in easy and normal modes.

Help Boyfriend win

You remember the whole idea of the game, right? You are helping Boyfriend through rap duels with all possible opponents in order to allow him to stay with his Girlfriend. And it will happen only if he wins. Daddy is closely watching these fights and just waiting for the hero’s failure. But you should not allow it to happen. Follow the rhythm and guide Boyfriend successfully through the most challenging contests. You should know that this mod is pretty hardcore, and it will be especially appreciated by all fans of sophisticated mods. After the first few rounds, Tricky completely transforms, turning into a powerful monster. And you will have to approach each other during a really difficult track. Play carefully and not miss a single note. Do not be ashamed to dance to the fullest. Only hard work and exclusive performance can make you a winner.

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