FNF Squid Game

About the title

FNF Squid Game is a new mod for Friday Night Funkin where our old friends, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, will be competing against a very dangerous enemy! Or rather a bunch of them. These are the guards from Squid Game and they are armed. They come to our heroes and threaten to kill them if they don’t enter a rap duel with them. So now you have no choice but to pull your courage together and start your performance! Your life depends on it!

Like before, the goal is to defeat your opponent by scoring more points than them. You will take turns rapping to a song that will change its tempo. Your task is to keep up with the beat and hit the right buttons just in time to keep scoring. If you make mistakes, your score will diminish. And every point matters when it comes to saving your life! The battle will last for three rounds. So if you didn’t show yourself well enough in the first one, you’ll still have time to make up for it.

The arrows on the screen will clue you in on which buttons to hit. So keep your fingers on the keyboard and prepare to move them real fast! You can choose any of the three difficulty modes that will affect the speed of the song and how complicated it is. Remember that these brutal guys are still holding you in the gunsight, maybe that will motivate you!

At the beginning of the game and between the rounds, you will see cutscenes explaining you the situation. So it’s going to be like a little adventure that you will experience together with your favorite characters. After all, they’ve already been in a lot of fixes even worse than this and somehow they always found a way out. And don’t worry if you fail – you’ll have as many attempts as you need. Play FNF Squid Game right now and discover some new rhythms as adrenaline pumps in your veins in time with the beat!

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