FNF Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod

About the title

You are invited to participate in the midnight mass and meet a kind and caring nun – Sarvente. She welcomes all potential new members of her church. However, if you politely refuse to follow her, this peaceful character unexpectedly transforms into something evil. Now the nun is full of rage, and you can stop her only by inviting her to the music arena for a rap battle. Do not be so surprised – Sarvente can dance and sing, as it turns out. And she does it well. So the main hero is in danger again. If he loses, he risks not seeing his Girlfriend again. Now, the fate of the couple is entirely in your hands.

Do your best to defeat Sarvente.

If you love some thrill, you may go through some songs in ALT mode. This difficulty setting is even more extreme than the Hard level. If you feel enough strengths and enthusiasm, accept this challenge. Not all songs can be played on this difficulty, but it should be fixed very soon. The mod is also interesting as it has a full-fledged mini-plot, and the nun is not as simple as it seems at the beginning. But it’s better for you to find out everything yourself. Your task remains the same – you will need to follow the rhythm of new compositions, trying to perform without mistakes. Make sure you press the right arrow at the right moment. All your steps should match the music beats. Get more points than the nun and win the contest to enable Boyfriend to stay with Girlfriend. Be patient and strong!

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