FNF: Pico X Boyfriend

About the title

Welcome to a new mod in Friday Night Funkin – Pico X Boyfriend. Now, you will play for two heroes at the same time. Sounds unusual? Do not worry, the gameplay remains absolutely the same. The two guys will have to participate in music fights against other opponents together. You will need to support this cooperation and allow them to outperform everyone who comes their way.

Who is Pico?

This grumpy little guy with red hair and fair skin comes from Pico’s School. He also appeared in episodes of many other Newgrounds games. Since then, Pico has remained a popular character, and now you can meet him in the FNF music series. He has white eyes what makes him look a little fierce. He has a green shirt and beige pants on. He holds a pistol in one hand, and a microphone with his thumb up in the other. It was Daddy Dearest who invited the guy to the story. He wants Pico to kill Boyfriend. But things took an unexpected turn. After meeting Boyfriend, Pico discovers that he knows him. So he is not ready to cause any harm to him. Furthermore, Pico is even ready to take the Boyfriend’s side in this mod and to help him to go through numerous music tournaments.

How to play?

Even if you now have to manage two characters in one go, the rules do not change. As always, you will have to withstand the rhythm battle against various opponents. The idea is to repeat the song notes without fail by pressing the arrow symbols floating on the screen. Make sure your steps are ideally synced with the track. The game outcome fully depends on your performance. Random actions are not desired as they will quickly turn the progress bar red, and you will need to start everything from the very beginning. If you do not feel sure about your musical ear, take time to go through a training mode to brush it up. You need to be concentrated and reserved once you enter the music arena. And a company of two is always better than one. Together with Pico, you will easily cope with the task, no matter how strong opponents will come to challenge you in rap battles.

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