FNF Character Test Playground Remake 4

About the title

The famous music series has won the hearts of thousands of players of all ages and cultures. The appearances of its main characters are well known to the gaming industry and already have become memes. Moreover, fresh mods are being continuously created to allow you to enjoy new adventures of Boyfriend and Girlfriend. You will listen to dozens of tracks and have all chances to become a true master of music rhythm if you really choose to go through all offered challenges. But in the case you are already tired of endless music fights, tournaments and stressful competitions in FNF game, there is something new you can try to relax. Developers offer you to take a pause from rap battles and approach this entertainment in a completely new way. Now, you can look at all characters from a different perspective and modify them to your taste. Sounds intriguing? In other words, every player can take on a role of a game designer and will be able to experiment with their favorite heroes. Surely, you have a lot of creative ideas stuck in your head, and now it is the right time to unleash and implement them all.

What tools are available?

As the game is fully devoted to music, you will get the possibility to play with the voices and voice pitches of the characters. It is going to be fun as they will sing in s completely new way and you will create new songs with ease. If you are a fan of FNF, you know that usually, you can meet only 2-3 participants in one mod. But here, you will interact with nearly twenty of them. And it is you who decides what particular hero you will play with right now. You can customize background music, dancing locations and even make your heroes move in a completely new way. Place them in all available environments and make them sing in the least expected voice. It is really thrilling how one and the same character can differ. Enter the menu, and choose the one whom you want to transform. The setting tab includes several options. You can change them all or try to modify only one parameter. Keep experimenting until you are happy with the result. Then continue your design work with the next chosen personage. Moreover, if any character is not represented in Playground 5, you will easily find these in other similar releases. Hurry up, your favorite characters are impatient to see how you will modify them. Get started and have a lot of fun!

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