New Mods

Welcome to the world of energetic rhythms of the Friday Night Funkin! This game has become a favorite entertainment of thousands of gamers around the planet. Its plot is very simple, and possibly, you already know it. You will play for a character named Boyfriend, who is crazy about his Girlfriend. But there is one serious obstacle on their way to happy dating. The girl’s father, Daddy Dearest, is ready for everything to make them break up. The main hero will have to fight with many opponents attracted by the Girlfriend’s father and mother. Even the parents themselves are ready to compete with him. But all these hardships only strengthen the feelings of the guy. And he is ready to enter fierce duels with the most dangerous enemies to save his relationship. Perhaps it is thanks to this romantic plot that the FNF game became so popular. Besides, fans do not stop their work on this open-source project, and every time, a new adventure is waiting for you in the FNF universe, thanks to regularly appearing mods. Are you ready to support Boyfriend in new stories?

The latest FNF modes

Modern gaming audience is very demanding as the Internet offers you lots of all sorts of entertainment. Therefore, FNF mod authors are trying to make the new releases really catching. If you visit the official FNF modding hub, you will see yourself that every day, a lot of new add-ons are offered to the public. But only a few of them managed to become interesting for FNF fans. One of the recent trends is reskins of the main heroes. Thus, you can play a number of mods where Boyfriend is replaced by other protagonists. Now you can play for Koishi or Cirno. In other mods, the appearance of the main characters was fully modified. And of course, you will find against new opponents – Ferno, Byron and even your favorite personages from Madagascar animated series. Also, old characters regularly come back in new mods, bringing new stories and positive emotions. One of the latest novelties is the multiplayer mod. In the original game, you could play only as a single player. Now, the rap battles become even more thrilling as you can play against a real person and not just a virtual opponent. So follow all the recent updates in the FNF world not to miss new adventures. Test new songs, develop your musical skills and just spend time with joy! Visit our site to play the latest FNF game if you feel it is time for new acquaintances.

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