FNF musical series is great fun for all players, despite their age. But sooner or later, you want to share your game achievement with someone else. Have you ever wanted to play with your friends or have no friends, but you would like to make the process more challenging? The original release was created for one player only. It is strange why the authors did not initially foresee such an opportunity, but there are lots of mod makers who saved the whole situation and issued an add-on that allows several people to play at the same time. Do you want to give it a try? Then visit our site to test this Friday Night Funkin is the multiplayer mode!

Why is FNF so popular?

Two unique features made Friday Night Funking very popular. The first is high-quality updates and support. They come out relatively often. And secondly, it’s an open-source project. This characteristic attracted the attention of many fans as they got an opportunity to contribute to the game. Due to the simplicity of the code, the game has acquired a huge amount of user-generated content, and it is still growing. Dozens of mods have brought a lot of new characters to the story, making it even more engaging. FNF community is really creative, and you can easily find mods for almost every taste. Some of them already offered variants that combine many other popular games with FNF. It is difficult to guess what ideas modders might come up with in the nearest future. But it can be the case that the coming mods will bring radical changes and refresh the storyline to attract even bigger audience.

How to play with others?

A new mod enables everyone to play with their friends to see who is the best performer. In the multiplayer version for two players, you can choose more characters so you can decide yourself who you will act for. You will also be able to choose who is going to be your opponent. After this, you will have to select the difficulty level. The songs in this version are offered randomly. But very soon, you will be able to switch on the song you want. Now you will not be bored playing alone. You can compete with other and fight for the better score. Playing against real opponent is always more thrilling than fighting against the computer. So if you have not tried this option yet, hurry up to our site to test multiplayer.

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