Every active player must have heard about Friday Night Funkin musical game. This project started a year ago but still attracts a lot of fans. What is the secret of this popularity? FNF was created as an open-source product, and it allowed its fans to continue work on it and develop hundreds of various mods to add to the original version. The ability to play something new every time is the main factor of success.

About gameplay

The main character is Boyfriend, who is trying to attract the attention of the beautiful Girlfriend. But the father of his beloved is fully against this idea. He decides to stop this romantic story and challenges Boyfriend to a musical competition, where the hero must rhythmically dance to a certain song. If the player hits the beat in time by pressing the buttons, then he wins. In the other case, his opponent takes the advantage. The further the hero goes, the more furious the enemies become.

Main characters

There are many characters you meet as the events unfold. The main characters include Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest. Dad will compete with Boyfriend on the first level, and if he is defeated, the hero will move on to the next level. Every week he will face new opponents that will try to outperform him in the rap battle. But if you help the guy, he will successfully pass all seven weeks and finally be happy with his soulmate.

FNF mods

If you have successfully passed the first seven weeks, you should not necessarily forget about FNF. You can now continue playing fan-made mods. Many of them change the whole story and fully modify the characters and music. You will meet new thrilling opponents. For example, you will fight with Whitty, who has a bomb instead of a head. You will be challenged by the evil clown Tricky, who adds hard rock to the playlist. You will meet a seemingly peaceful nun Sarvente who will not stop on the way to her aim. Mods will open access to an incredible amount of interesting content. You will help Boyfriend get out of many difficult situations and just have lots of fun. Visit our site to test and enjoy dozens of new mods. You will surely find them all very engaging. And the collection is constantly updated with new adventures waiting for you in the amazing world of music. Let the fun begin!

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