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Friday Night Funkin continues its successful spread around the globe, adding new fans to its community every day. This game has become incredibly popular in record time. And it can be easily explained – modmakers keep impressing players with dozens of high-quality and interesting mods. It is difficult to tell for sure how many characters you can meet in this fun music series. But undoubtedly, some of them turned out to be really successful and won the special love of the players So which characters are the most memorable in FNF game?

Whitty, Tricky and Impostor

Whitty is a very frequent guest in the FNF universe. It was created on the Kade Engine in such good quality that it was prolonged for a full new week. Every FNF fan knows this hot-tempered guy with the ability to transform. Another popular character is AGOTI, a rapper with a demonic appearance whom Boyfriend met in his private space. You will love playing a treacherous clown Tricky, who is not so peaceful as he pretends. Boyfriend will have to fight with Pico, Tankman and even a true nun, who turns out unexpectedly dangerous. Some of the characters appear not once during the story line, making adventures more thrilling. As you move through the gameplay, you will meet a lot of Boyfriend’s friends and acquaintances – his sister Hatsune Miku, ex-boyfriend of his girl – Tabi, his fan Sky, and many others. The list is really very long and is constantly growing as new mods are released. You will have to try as many add-ons as you can to learn which opponents you will like best. All rap battles are accompanied by great soundtracks, all of them unique or well-remixed. So it will be more and more difficult to get advantage of your enemy.

Mod authors also love to mix and match different games and add new weeks based on other series. For example, these are the mods with Impostor. This character is the main enemy to be defeated in Among Us, and he is a real threat in FNF too. You will find a lot of episodes devoted to Minecraft. And a real novelty is mods created as a test background, where you can experiment with the heroes’ voice pitches, backgrounds and appearances. Today, you can enjoy FNF alone or in a company of your friend. The developers create a multiplayer mod, allowing you to get even more fun in this music entertainment. Visit our site and plunge into endless adventures of Boyfriend, Girlfriend and a bunch of other characters.

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