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Friday Night Funkin Games & New Mods

Welcome to the most popular musical series of all time – Friday Night Funkin. The game tells the story of Boyfriend who falls in love with Girlfriend. But there is one obstacle – and it is the girl’s father. He does not approve the choice of his daughter and starts the musical war, involving the main hero to confront many opponents in the fierce rhythm battles. You will play for the guy, allowing him to advance through the plot successfully.

About gameplay

Every time you start the musical competition, you need to get into the rhythm of the song. If you follow the music beats fast enough and without mistakes, then you will win. To track your progress, you can look at the bottom of the screen, where the progress bar with icons of the Boyfriend and his opponent is located. In the official game, the hero must defeat seven enemies in battle, one for each week. Every week, you will play against someone new and listen to unfamiliar tracks. In between episodes, you can enjoy funny cut-scenes, where the plot of the story is told in an animated form. But it is not the end. FNF has dozens of mods that were created by its fans. If necessary, newcomers can switch to free play mode and enhance their skills. Here you can choose the enemy and music to your liking. Also, in both story and free play, you can adjust the difficulty level. The speed of the arrow appearance on the screen and the song complexity largely depend on it.

Main characters

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are the main personages in FNF, you will also often interact with the girl’s parents – Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest. Besides, you will meet a continuous flow of other characters that will appear mainly to play against Boyfriend. These are his opponents. Some of these heroes even come from other popular playing universes, for example, Among Us, Minecraft, and more. Many antagonists are very bad-tempered and even dangerous for everyone around. Also, the main character will meet some friends who will be helping him get through the hardships. The work on mods is still underway. And soon, you may see entirely new faces that you will also have to invite to a musical duel. So, lots of adventures are waiting for you, just make sure to follow the updates not to miss the latest add-ons.

Where to play FNF?

If you love music and dancing, it is worth trying this entertainment. Friday Night Funkin can be played absolutely free of charge by anyone who has stable access to the Internet. It is available on the Newgrounds website. Alternatively, you may enjoy it on our site. In the latter case, there are several versions to play FNF. This games and other new mods can be downloaded to your computer, both Mac and Windows. You can also install it on your smartphone or tablet and play on the go whenever you have a free minute for fun. And you can also enjoy music battles online, just visit the site and get started.

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